Updating SCCM Package Source Locations

I’ve recently seen people asking on forums about how to modify the source settings of SCCM packages when migrating software installation files from an old server to a new one. Obviously manually updating packages is an option, but this will take time.. so this is achieved very easily by running the PowerShell code below

Created with: SAPIEN Technologies, Inc., PowerShell Studio 2016 v5.2.128
Created on: 31/10/2016 14:13
Created by: Maurice.Daly
Filename: UpdatePkgSource.ps1
Updates the source location for SCCM packages and update your distribution points
Provided as is with no support. Run at your own risk.

foreach ($Package in (Get-CMPackage | Where-Object { $_.PkgSourcePath -like "*$OldSource*" }))
Write-Host "Modifying $($Package.name) with new location $NewSource"
$UpdatedSource = $Package.PkgSourcePath -replace $OldSource, $NewSource
# Update source location of package
Set-CMPackage -id $Package.ID -Path $UpdatedSource
# Force update of distribution points
Get-CMPackage -id $Package.ID | Update-CMDistriubtionPoint

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