MDT 2013 Update 1 – Static IP Address Issue

After upgrading our MDT 2013 environment with the update 1 release I was eager to build my Windows 10 image, until I came up against this issue while attempting to set a static IP for the VM –


I checked the bootstrap.ini, updated the deployment share and boot images but the issue persisted, so as a work around I used F8 to bring up the command prompt and the following commands to manually set the IP address details:

netsh interface ip set address name=”Ethernet” static (IP Address) (Subnet Mask) (Gateway)
netsh interface ip set dnsservers name=”Ethernet” source=static (IP Address of DNS Server)

Doing this allowed me to get past this and build / capture the image, however it since turns out that this is know listed on a recent TechNet Blog (

Fingers crossed that a patch is on the way!.