PowerShell Script to Email Notification of Password Expiration

Things that cross my mind...

We all have that set of users that either mainly use a mobile device for email access or possibly a client running a non Microsoft Windows OS as their main workstation.

Those users don’t get that friendly reminder to change their password that comes with logging onto a Windows OS near to their domain password expiration date, and this usually ends up with passwords expiring and phone calls to the IT Helpdesk to change them.

Wouldn’t it be much simpler if that group of users were emailed near to the time of password expiration, allowing the user to logon to OWA and change their password in their own time, negating the need for calls to the IT Helpdesk. In an attempt to reduce some of those calls to our own IT Helpdesk I wrote a PowerShell script to email members of a security group every day when their domain password…

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