PowerShell – Find Dynamic Disks On Your Hyper-V Cluster

I had been looking for a script for a while that would interrogate my Hyper-V clusters and report back with a list of virtual machines running with dynamic VHD’s, as I wanted to convert all existing dynamic VHD’s to a fixed format.

So I wrote the following script to connect to each of the hyper-v hosts within a cluster, read the VHD details of the VM and report back with the VM name, host, path to the virtual disk, disk format and type (hard coded in my instance to dynamic)

$Cluster = "CLUSTERNAME"
$SaveTo = "FILEPATH"
$HVNodes = Get-ClusterNode -Cluster $Cluster
$Results = ForEach ($HVNode in $HVNodes) {
    Invoke-Command -Computername $HVNode.name {   
    ForEach ($VM in (Get-VM)){
    Get-VM -Name $VM.name | Select-Object VMID | get-vhd | Where-Object {$_.vhdType -eq "Dynamic"} | fl @{Label="VirtualMachine";Expression={($VM.name)}},ComputerName, Path, VHDFormat, VHDType
$Results | out-file -FilePath $SaveTo

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